Animal Overpass Interpretive Exhibit

  • created visualization of an animal overpass exhibit along the Trans Canada highway just north of Banff
  • created conceptual drawings, construction drawings, and construction management for the exhibit
  • created a series of 3D renderings and fly through animation of the site
  • Parks Canada used animation at international conferences over the course of 2014; it was quite well received
  • 3D renderings facilitated the construction; the visualization clearly explained intent and concept to the contractor
  • introduced a naturalization program into the design, focusing on native / native cultivars of plant materials in order to keep the landscape maintenace requirements as low as possible.
  • low impact development initiatives were also introduced, including specially absorbent landscaping and rainwater retention on site
  • our principal landscape architect, Rick Gendron, utilized his zoo design background, incorporating integrated screened views, terrain changes, and controlled pedestrian movements to make the site feel larger than it actually was.

3D visualization

durable hardscaping

integration with the surroundings

native plantings and natural materials


Parks Canada


Completed in 2014


Banff - Lake Louise, AB