High River Trails & Open Spaces

The Town of High River is situated on the Highwood River. Engagement with Town staff, youth, seniors, and the general public identified the importance of the Highwood River and the Happy Trail pathway system. Residents also indicated their desire for the natural areas around the river to stay natural and un-developed.818 studio’s team synthesized the overarching vision for the parks, trails, and open spaces master plan: Network with Nature. Network with Nature is the vision for a nature-based, shared habitat, recognizing the town’s indelible relationship with the riparian ecosystem in its larger regional landscape. The vision provides a foundation for the transformational themes contained in the master plan: Park at the Heart and Walking our Stories.

Park at the Heart

Just as the Highway River corridor is the community’s green heart, each park serves as the green heart to build and transform the surrounding neighbourhood. 

Walking our Stories

Building on the existing pathway system, Walking our Stories envisions a network of stacked trail loops, interpretive stories, active transportation, and outdoor learning.

The master plan establishes the framework for partnerships between residents and the Town. A Play Book provides guidance for community groups to develop and implement park revitalization projects with oversight by the Town. 

explore innovative green technologies

assembled data and synthesized a response to the needs of the area through a detailed site assessment

investigated local conditions and the needs of the community through public engagement


The Town of High River


To be completed in 2022


High River, AB


Master Planning