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Urban Design

Through the collaborative approach 818 provides, we are able to shape joint narratives and develop innovative strategies. We actively engage with stakeholders and the community and in doing so, have created a process for developing the appropriate framework for design-driven solutions.

Parks & Naturalization

We leverage sustainable design practices to reflect community values, and to create resilient landscapes. Our goal is to provide the public realm with healthy and safe open spaces.

3D Modelling + Visualization

818 studio provides high quality, photo-realistic 3D renderings. Modeling facilitates design exploration and understanding for the client, stakeholders, and the public. Renderings contribute to memorable engagement presentations, and garner support and understanding from stakeholders and communities.

Bioengineering + LID + Restoration

Through the thoughtful integration of bioengineering, and LID principles, we aim to protect and rebuild the natural systems that are within our communities.

Community Planning + Development

We engage with a variety of sectors, such as local, municipal and private. We provide our clients with long term solutions that create a shared value upon completion. Our familiarity with local municipalities and approval systems means that we can deliver, regardless of project scale. 818 is committed to growing stronger communities, prosperous economies, and amazing public realms.

Commercial + Retail

We provide solutions to numerous commercial/ retail sites each year, each of varying size and scope. Our designs focus on high curb appeal to attract customers, tenants, and visitors. While our long-term experience with municipal by-laws help to facilitate development approvals.

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