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Our studio has a favourite misconception we'd like to bust – the myth of a "no maintenance" landscape.

We all dream of that picture-perfect, zero-effort landscape where everything stays perpetually pristine. But here's the truth: unless you live on the moon, there's no such thing as a "no maintenance" landscape. Landscapes are living entities, and the wonderful part of being alive is that they grow, change, and adapt. Nature has its way, and a landscape, no matter how expertly designed, requires some TLC. 

BUT, here's the silver lining : we can strive for a LOWER maintenance landscape. By making smart plant choices, using sustainable landscaping practices, and working with nature rather than against it, we can definitely reduce the amount of time and effort we spend on upkeep. 

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Kiyām Community Park is soaking up the rays this summer! With a pergola, water feature, and a community basketball court, this urban park in the heart of downtown Fort McMurray is ready for all the summer activities!

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Things are shaping up over at the Coulee Ridge development in Medicine Hat! This community features a dry creekbed using sandstone sourced from a quarry near Cowley, AB. This sandstone is found at the base of the Rockies and is much denser and harder than typical sandstone. 

Stay tuned for pictures of the water feature that is being constructed this summer!

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