landscapes for people.



we are a planning and design collaborative, because people are at the core of everything we do

solutions that simply work. 

From urban design to environmental restoration (and everything in between) we create outdoor spaces that work for real life. 


what we do

landscape architecture


detailed design

construction administration

concept + visualization

sustainable design for all environments.


we work with a wide array of clients from municipalities to private developers


from Fort Chipewyan AB to Surrey BC, we’ve worked in municipalities, parks, and private lands across western Canada.

what we’re up to

We ended 2023 on the right foot (hah!) with team pedicures at @butterbeautyparlouryyc 🦶🏼🦶🏼🦶🏼

Bonus points to whoever can guess what colour Rick picked… 

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It seems Santa is using Canada Post this year to help out with deliveries. #foragestudios #ibelieveinsanta
Ain’t no party like a Friday night open house! Thanks to the wonderful community of Diamond Valley for coming and sharing your thoughts - exciting things are in the works!
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Let's play decipher Rick's handwriting! Flip through photos and help our office figure out the code:
 - NED?

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Our studio has a favourite misconception we'd like to bust – the myth of a "no maintenance" landscape.

We all dream of that picture-perfect, zero-effort landscape where everything stays perpetually pristine. But here's the truth: unless you live on the moon, there's no such thing as a "no maintenance" landscape. Landscapes are living entities, and the wonderful part of being alive is that they grow, change, and adapt. Nature has its way, and a landscape, no matter how expertly designed, requires some TLC. 

BUT, here's the silver lining : we can strive for a LOWER maintenance landscape. By making smart plant choices, using sustainable landscaping practices, and working with nature rather than against it, we can definitely reduce the amount of time and effort we spend on upkeep. 

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