Fort Chipewyan Cemetery

Client – Fort Chipewyan

Location – Fort Chipewyan, AB

Date – Completed in 2020

 The community of Fort Chipewyan has a need for a new cemetery. The environment must meet spatial, traditional, and natural requirements, to provide diversity and allow for an appreciation of the experience. Through engagement with the chief and Council a site for the new cemetery was selected with 818 studio preparing the conceptual design.


  • An open house was held with the community to identify key aspects that they wanted from the design. The central ceremonial space was co-designed with the community and includes key elements reflecting important spiritual connection

  • 818 prepared conceptual designs that honour the cultural landscape and meet these community needs. 

  • Connection to nature is a key feature of the design, with trees surrounding the cemetery, walkways, shelters, and seats, and integration of nature walks and scattering gardens.